Return Policy

Products to be returned must be complete as stated below:

Consignment invoice/invoice or despatch note of the product (all copies has to be returned)

Products purchased as gift must also be returned with the invoice.

Products to be returned must be handed back with its original packaging, box, standard accessories if available; all must be complete and undamaged.

NOTE: If any of the above is not fulfilled return will not be accepted.

If the product received by our customer service is in line with the return policy return of the payment will be processed in the same day. Transferring the amount to your account depends on your bank. Refunding for credit cards takes 1 week refunding for wire transfers takes 2 working days.


Before returning to us you have to send an email to address for return notification. After receiving approval from our technical department for the return please send us the package. Approval will be made by phone or email. If the products received by our Technical Department are acceptable according to return policy refunding will be processed the same day. In case of returns criteria for consumer rights taken as basis.

For returning damaged or defective products identified during delivery Courier Company that delivered the product should be chosen (in-network provider). If any other courier is used cargo charges are paid by the customer.