Distant Sales Agreement

When the users sign up for membership they are all accepted as read and accepted the distant sales agreement.

Distant Sales Agreement

is the Virtual Platform Sales Agreement between Keçecizade Lokumları and the Customer.

Article - 1
Scope of this agreement is to organize rights and obligations for the sale and delivery of the products of which the properties and prices are given below sold by the seller and purchased by the buyer according to the Law About Protecting Consumer Rights 4077; Regulations About Implementation of Distant Sales Agreements.

Article - 2
Keçecizade Lokumları
Hükümet Cd no:5 Edirne

Article - 3 
All members: All members that have been signed up to e-trade web site of Keçecizade Lokumları kececizade.com and make purchase (from now on will be known as Buyer or Customer).

Article - 4 
Type, Amount, Make/Model, Colour, Sales Price and Payment Term of the Product is as stated in the web site and all can be changed without prior notice to buyer.

Article - 5
5.1 - BUYER, declares that he/she has read all the preliminary information about the basic features, price, payment terms and delivery conditions of the product stated in Article 4 of this agreement and confirms that he/she has given necessary confirmation in electronic environment.  
 5.2 – Contract product by not exceeding the legal 30 days period will be delivered to the buyer or person or entity at the address provided by the buyer depending on the distance of the residence of the buyer.
5.3 – If the contract product will be delivered to another person or entity different from the buyer SELLER can’t be held responsible in case other person or entity not accept the delivery.
5.4 – SELLER is responsible for delivering the contract product in good condition, complete, according to the qualifications of the order and if exists together with the warranty documents and user manuals.
5.5 – For the delivery of the contract product this agreement has to be confirmed electronically and the sales amount has to be paid by the buyer with the preferred payment method. If full payment is not received or if the payment is cancelled afterwards SELLER is freed from obligation of product delivery.
5.6 – After delivery of the product if the credit card of the buyer is used by the unauthorised persons illegally and illegitimately and due to this if the bank of the buyer rejects to pay product amount to SELLER than BUYER or the person or the entity that has received the product has to return the product to SELLER within 3 working days. In such situation delivery cost will be paid by the Buyer. 
 5.7 – SELLER has to notify buyer in case delivery of the product was not possible within the stated time frame due to force major or due to bad weather conditions. In this case Buyer can choose from, cancellation of the order or replacement of the product with a similar one or postponing of the delivery until extinction of force major. If the Buyer cancels the order than SELLER will refund sales amount to buyer’s credit card within 7 days and notifies BUYER by electronic mail for the process. SELLER can’t be held responsible for the delays caused by the bank of the buyer.
5.8 – If the products delivered to BUYER and/or to person and/or entity that buyer declared are defective or damaged BUYER returns product or products to the SELLER according to Warranty regulations within 7 days starting from the date product/products received by the buyer, and courier cost is paid by the SELLER. In such a case if the 7 days period is over than the Buyer has to deliver product to service.
5.9- This agreement will be valid after confirmation of the buyer in electronic environment (after membership sign up) and after this confirmation is received by bilgi@kececizade.com address.

 Article - 6
Buyer has right of withdrawal within seven (7) days from the delivery of the contract product to him/her or to the person/entity at the address he/she has provided. In order to be able to use right of withdrawal he/she has to notify SELLER by fax or by email and product has to be unused, packaging must not be opened and damaged according to article 6/7 of the agreement. In order to use right of withdrawal product which is delivered to Buyer or a third party has to be send back to Seller and also courier bill and the original invoice of the product must be send to Seller. After receiving the returned product and the documents Seller will contact bank of the buyer within 7 days in order to refund the amount to buyer’s credit card. SELLER can’t be held responsible for the delays caused by the bank. If the original invoice is not returned VAT and if there is other duties will not be refunded. Courier cost of the product due to right of withdrawal will be paid by the buyer.

Due to nature of the products like light bulbs, insurance etc right of withdrawal can’t be applied in such products. But in case the product packaging is unopened, intact, undamaged and unused if the product is returned on the same day of the delivery and if the courier cost is paid b the buyer right of withdrawal will be valid.

6.1- Products that are not original do not have warranty and also they are not eligible for product return.

Article  - 7

For the implementation of this agreement Arbitration Committee for Consumer and Consumer Court of the location of the SELLER are in charge up to the limit determined by Ministry of Industry. When the order is confirmed electronically BUYER assumed to be accepted all articles of this agreement.